From its initial design ULTRAMAIN® was created to track any asset from any industry. To achieve this it has to have flexibility built into its core, which it does. The fact is, regardless of industry, organizations must track assets of many different types, which have diverse maintenance requirements that use a wide array of conditional triggers. It is the case that some industries have special needs that other industries do not, such as Aviation, but those needs can be addressed by enabling industry specific capabilities via ULTRAMAIN switch settings.

Complicating matters is the fact that different organizations, even from the same industry, operate differently. With ULTRAMAIN this is not a problem because ULTRAMAIN has switches that, depending on the setting, support and enforce different business practices. What is good for one organization may not be good for another even within the same industry. An example is asset valuation methods. Others can relate to workflow.

ULTRAMAIN’s powerful built in switches control all aspects of how the software operates. As a standard implementation activity we take customers through each of the switches, explaining the ramifications. Of course it is all addressed in ULTRAMAIN Initial Setup manuals but we also provide face-to-face discussions.

ULTRAMAIN is designed to be quickly modified so that individual customer needs can be addressed.  We do this in such a way that our customers stay within the mainstream of future enhancement releases. One-off versions do not exist. This can only be supported with an underlying architecture that has flexibility built into its core. With ULTRAMAIN you do not have to fully change your business practices to use the software, which is the case for many other offerings – “my way or the highway” does not apply.