Our Software

ULTRAMAIN® is made up of powerful software applications that can be implemented individually – where they integrate with your existing applications, or fully – where they replace similar legacy systems, the software is capable of either. This section will inform you of the software products that make up ULTRAMAIN.

Our software is developed using an open systems approach, allowing it to easily integrate with existing IT systems. The state-of-the-art applications are a result of decades of real-world experience in developing, implementing and supporting complex industries.

All ULTRAMAIN products are developed with an intense focus on usability and long term sustainability, meaning your investment is secure for years to come. The industry is demanding software that is SIMPLE MOBILE PAPERLESS, and we are ready. You can be also. Capturing data, real-time, with ULTRAMAIN is possible on the flight deck, at the gate, and in the hangar. And it’s all available and in use today.

Modern systems are no longer strictly focused on data capture however. ULTRAMAIN’s analytics and visualization tools allow management at all levels to quickly identify problems areas and see the most efficient way to solve the problems as they arise.

Explore our products to find out why Ultramain Systems is the leader in end-to-end solutions for paperless operations.