Ultramain Systems Announces $1000 Bonus to US Employees

Albuquerque, NM, USA – December 22, 2017  – With the signing of the new tax law Ultramain Systems announces it will be providing all of its US employees a $1000 tax bonus. Mark McCausland, CEO of Ultramain, said, “Lower tax rates means more money in our pockets. The new tax law will allow Ultramain Systems to better compete in the marketplace and better compensate our staff, which will energize our growth. We will time the tax bonus to ensure the upcoming lower tax withholding tables apply for our staff. Congratulations to congress in helping employers be more competitive.”




About Ultramain Systems
Ultramain Systems and Ultramain International develop, implement and support ULTRAMAIN® aviation maintenance software for large airlines and MROs worldwide. ULTRAMAIN M&E / MRO software offers comprehensive functionality, innovative features, and has been approved by more aviation regulatory authorities as the paperless maintenance system of record, than any other maintenance/integrated logistics software. ULTRAMAIN is SIMPLE MOBILE PAPERLESS. Ultramain Systems & Ultramain International maintain offices in the USA, Ireland, Hong Kong, India and Singapore. For more information about ULTRAMAIN®, please visit www.ultramain.com, send an inquiry to sales@ultramain.com, or call 1.505.828.9000.