About Us

Now in our fourth decade, Ultramain Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers worldwide with superior software products and unparalleled professional services.


For more than 30 years, Ultramain Systems, Inc. has provided superior M&E & MRO software products and professional software implementation services to leading companies worldwide. Our flagship product, ULTRAMAIN®, is a comprehensive maintenance and logistics solution that has been refined and enriched through years of collaboration with our customers. Our innovative new product, ULTRAMAIN ELB, replaces aircraft paper flight logs with an easy-to-use, touch-screen interface that speeds communication between cockpit crews and ground maintenance teams. Web-based, secure, and supporting the latest communications protocols, efbTechLogs enables faster turnaround times, so aircraft spend more time in the air and less time on the ground.


USI headquarters is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For more information about Ultramain Systems and our products, please send an inquiry to sales@ultramain.com, or call +1 505.828.9000.