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Ultramain Featured Aerospace Tech Review Magazine

Ultramain Systems has been serving the aviation industry with innovative software and professional services for over 35 years. ULTRAMAIN® is a comprehensive and mature system that has been built and refined over decades. Over the years, it has been our priority to ensure we continually enhance ULTRAMAIN into the latest technologies, and with each enhancement, ULTRAMAIN becomes more powerful and easier to use. Today, ULTRAMAIN® v9 is a comprehensive suite of integrated planning, maintenance and supply software featuring new technology, web-based capabilities, and mobile applications.  

With the continued evolution of IT in MRO, we now offer ULTRAMAIN as a cloud-based solution. With a hosted solution, operators do not need expensive in-house IT support staff to maintain complex servers, database management systems, and operating systems because we manage all of that for them as part of our hosted solution.  

Ultramain was recently featured in the Winter 21-22 of Aerospace Tech Review magazine where James Careless assesses ‘Why Cloud Based MRO IT Systems Make Sense for airlines and MRO’s’. To learn more about how Ultramain Systems is supporting the evolution of cloud-based MRO IT systems, click here to read the full article.

About ULTRAMAIN M&E / MRO Software – ULTRAMAIN is the leading paperless M&E / MRO software in the aviation industry. ULTRAMAIN is mature maintenance and engineering software designed with and for aviation organizations from around the world.